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    An AmPharm Partnership Can Set You Up for Success

    Partnerships are transforming health care. As mergers and acquisitions continue, providers who cling to traditional business models may have a tough time competing or controlling costs. AmPharm, long-term care pharmacy, has a joint venture solution that can give you a competitive edge—and more control over your operations and your bottom line.

    AmPharm partners with nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, health systems and residential treatment facilities by offering collaborative co-ownership arrangements. These partnerships can help providers of all sizes compete and win in increasingly competitive markets dominated by health care giants.

    Bottom-Line Benefits

    When you join forces with AmPharm, you enjoy all the exceptional customer benefits that have made our partners so successful, including:

    • Competitive pricing
    • Improvement in clinical outcomes due to care planning that reduces unnecessary hospitalizations
    • End-to-end safety monitoring to prevent adverse drug events or reactions
    • Customized, individualized doses with safety-sealed packaging
    • Daily deliveries and emergency services
    • Robust cost management to ensure prescribed drugs are covered by insurance
    • Identification of therapeutic equivalents and less costly generics

    Ownership Advantages

    By serving providers across the continuum of care, AmPharm has developed practices proven to control operational costs and boost efficiencies. We’ll leverage this expertise to deliver these advantages to all our partners:

    • Potential return on investment of 15% to 18%
    • Increased revenues
    • Utilization data to optimize outcomes and manage costs
    • Insider access to American Health Partner’s diverse platform of health care services

    Partner with us Worry-free

    AmPharm meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements. You can be confident that we will provide:

    • Support from licensed pharmacists
    • Full HIPAA compliance
    • Clinical and management reports
    • Adherence to the latest federal, state, and local regulation
    • 100% Registered technicians

    Our Network

    Stakeholders in AmPharm are immediately plugged into the American Health Partners organization, which successfully operates seven health care divisions, primarily focused on post-acute care. Headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, the company started more than four decades ago with a handful of skilled nursing facilities. Over the years, American Health Partners expanded its network of nursing homes and diversified its holdings to psychiatric care, long-term care pharmacy services, patient-care management and specialty health plans for long term care residents.

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